Summer Vacation 2019

Instead of just going to one place this year, we took the kids to a couple different places. First on the list was Cocoa Beach. We go every year, and we couldn’t not include it in this years itinerary. We met up with my sister-in-law and her husband (who were on their anniversary trip in the same town- no, we didn’t plan it that way) and went to the beach with them. The kids had a blast.

Next on the agenda was the most magical place on earth. We took the kids to Disney World! It was their first time, and even though it was hot and there were way too many people there, the kids still enjoyed everything. We went to Magic Kingdom, of course, because they’re such big princess fans. They saw the fireworks go off at the castle, got to get on a bunch of rides, and even ended up with their own ear headbands. Oh, and did I mention we pushed them around in a stroller all day? My oldest was far too big for it (she’s tiny, but long) but it was so worth it. They weren’t tired or over exhausted, and it made the day much more pleasant than it would have been without.

On our off day, we took the kids to a small nature walk. It was just a relaxing board walk through some Florida nature at one of the local parks. The kids enjoyed the board walk, but I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the playground afterwards more.

To finish off our vacation, we took the kids to Caspersen Beach. It’s something I remember doing as a kid. I don’t vividly remember much of my childhood, but I remember that beach. I remember combing it for an hour before finally finding my first shark’s tooth, and I remember bringing home a handful of them because once you found one, you found a ton.
The kids thought it was the coolest thing to find shark’s teeth on the beach! They didn’t even care about swimming, far too occupied beach combing. They were so proud of the little shark’s teeth they collected, along with some pretty impressive shells.